Premium services


Premium membership subscriptions

Premium subscriptions includes 4 GB of encrypted email storage

LengthPriceHow many accounts?
6 months$29
12 months$49
2x12 months$79

After the payment you can select which account(s) you want to renew/upgrade

Select payment method:

Credit Card (Stripe)
Bank/Wire transfer (2-3 days activation time)

You can read more about payments here.



Extra email storage space (option)

If you need extra space, you can add that here.
This is a one-time fee, you only have to pay it once!
NOTE: You still need a premium membership to be able to use this extra space.
Extra spacePriceHow many accounts?
250 MB extra$19
500 MB extra$35
1000 MB extra$59
1750 MB extra$89

USB-credits option / Two Factor Authentication options*

*News: USB-credits is now always included in all premium subscriptions! If you want extreme security you can buy an USB-credit option. With these credits you can activate a regular USB as a key for our webmail login. These options can be used to activate your own USB-devices to your account. You need to have some USB-device to be able to use an USB credit, it should be FAT/FAT32 formatted. This is a one-time fee, USB-keys have no expiration time, they will work as long as you pay your Premium account.
See this page for more info and requirements.

Two Factor Authentication options is also included in all premium subscriptions.

Domain name (option)

If you have your own domain, you can transfer all email handling to our secure servers.
>You can read more about the domain option here.

Please note:
- To be able to use a domain account you must first have a premium account.
- You can't register domains through us, you must first do this through a domain registrar.
- You have unlimited aliases if you use your own domain
- if you want separate logins & separate Inboxes you need to buy one premium subscription per domain-user.
-This is a one-time fee, you only have to pay it once per domain

-We do not allow catch-all addresses, due to abuse. Using a catch-all address is never good, because you will receive much more spam emails. If you need multiple incoming forwarders, you can create multiple aliases for your domain instead of using a catch-all.
-The address will always go to Countermail's own abuse-account.

LengthPriceHow many domains?
Setup fee$15